• Cats
  • Dogs
  • Reptilles
  • Birds
  • Fish (Fresh & Salt Aquariums)
  • Other Small Animals

Reliable Animal Care, Etc. accepts Cash, Check or Money Order.

  • Medication Administration
  • Feeding & Fresh Water
  • Walks, Playtime, & Companionship
  • General Pet Cleanup
    Yard, Litter Boxes, Cages, Etc.
  • Personal Love & Attention
  • More Service Upon Request

  • Home Safety Checks
    Alarms, Locks, Doors, Windows,
    Lights, Temperature Control, Etc.
  • Mail & Newspaper Pick Up
  • Plant Watering
  • Garbage & Recycle to Curb
  • Pool & Spa Checks
  • More Services Upon Request

Vacation Visits: Use Reliable Animal Care, Etc. anytime you're away from home--for business, pleasure, in an emergency, working late,  etc. Each visit includes feeding, watering, cleanup, love and affection, and a house check.

Afternoon Playtime: Eight hours is a long time for your pets to sit home alone. It's a well-known fact that  loneliness and inactivity is the number one cause of unhappy, anxious, and destructive pets. Reliable Animal Care, Etc. can visit your pet(s)  while you work for some playtime or a nice walk!

Afternoon Walks: I will take your dog(s) out for a break during the day for some exercise, fresh air, and a potty break. The visit will last at least 30 minutes.

Pet Taxi: After the initial Meet and Greet, you can use our pet taxi service to take your pets to the vet or groomer. For safety of your pet and the driver, pets will need to be in a pet container.

Home Check Visits: Reliable Animal Care, Etc. will check on your house, while you are away (even if you don't have any pets) to water plants, check security systems, alter lights, bring in mail, newspapers, and any deliveries that come to your door. We will even wait for your repairmen or delivery people to arrive. 


Pet & House Visits Visit Rate
30 Minute Visit $15.00
Every Additional 15 Minutes of Visit Time $5.00
Poop Scooping Visit $15.00 for first 30 minutes
Holiday rates for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday $20 for 30 minute visit
Mileage Surcharge for Visits Outside of Chico $0.75 per mile
House Visits Only Visit Rate
15 Minute Visit $10.00
Every Additional 15 of Visit Time $5.00
Mileage Surcharge for Visits Outside of Chico $0.75 per mile
Pet Taxi Pet Taxi Rate
One Way $20.00
Round Trip $35.00
Mileage Surcharge for Visits Outside of Chico $0.75 per mile

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